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By William M. Schniedewind

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A Primer on Ugaritic is an advent to the language of the traditional urban of Ugarit, a urban that flourished within the moment millennium BCE at the Lebanese coast, positioned within the context of the tradition, literature, and faith of this historic Semitic tradition. The Ugaritic language and literature used to be a precursor to Canaanite and serves as certainly one of our most vital assets for figuring out the previous testomony and the Hebrew language. distinctive emphasis is put on contextualization of the Ugartic language and comparability to historic Hebrew in addition to Akkadian.

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Alphabet tablets”), god lists, polyglot lexical lists, and a variety of scribal exercises were discovered at Ugarit. These texts testify to the vigorous scribal culture. We will utilize a couple of these texts to introduce the alphabet, but the school texts also underscore the scribal training in the Akkadian cuneiform language and script. 2 Letters (Chapter 3) In this primer, the Ugaritic language is introduced with letters because letters offer beginning students an easier path into the study of Ugaritic.

One stele, for example, recounts that an Egyptian royal scribe was assigned to the royal court at Ugarit. Ugarit apparently served as a buffer state between Egypt and Mesopotamia during this period, and it prospered as a neutral port and conduit of international trade. 9). 9 To be sure, Ugarit’s mercantile civilization was ill-suited to withstand the onslaught of the Sea Peoples, yet the disintegration of Ugarit’s palace-temple economy had already begun well before the Sea Peoples’ migrations. The end of the Late Bronze Age was marked by a general process of ruralization in the countryside that undermined the support of the urban economy and ultimately exacerbated the ultimate demise of Ugarit as well as other Late Bronze Age kingdoms.

For the beginning student, a more convenient collection is the standard transcription of M. Dietrich, O. Loretz, and J. , 68–80. , KTU 1 are literary texts, KTU 4 are administrative texts, KTU 5 are school texts). In this system, some texts can have more than one RS number, indicating that the text has been reconstructed from more than one fragment. 347. -L. -P. -A. es/ and uses the abbreviation UDB. The numberings of UDB and KTU are largely identical, but UDB is more complete. com/), an image database of inscriptions compiled by West Semitic Research.

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