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By Heidi J. Hornik, Mikeal C. Parsons

ISBN-10: 1405176350

ISBN-13: 9781405176354

Charting the theological and cultural efficiency of Acts around the timespan of Christian heritage, this paintings of profound scholarship unearths the total volume of the hot testomony book’s spiritual, inventive, literary, and political influence.

  • Reveals the effect of Acts at key turning issues within the historical past of the Christian church
  • Traces the wealthy and sundry inventive and cultural history rooted in Acts, from song to literature
  • Analyzes the political value of the booklet as a touchstone within the church’s exterior relations
  • Provides certain statement at the exegesis of Acts down the centuries

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There is a beaten path that lies before us, linking our physical existence to an existence in the presence of God which lies beyond its conditions. We cannot see the path … but we know that the path has been taken, and that we are to take it too (O’Donovan 1986, 36–37). That we, too, are to follow in Jesus’ path is a point English cleric and poet John Donne (1572–1631) made in his poetry: Salute the last and everlasting day, Joy at the uprising of this Sun and Son … Behold the highest, parting hence away, Lightens the dark clouds, Which he treads upon, Nor doth he by ascending, show alone, But first he, and he first enters the way, O strong Ram, which hast batter’d heaven for me (Donne 3321; RCS, 10).

The “we‐sections” in Acts (16:10–17; 20:5–15; 21:1–18; 27:1; 28:16) demand someone who was a companion of Paul, and Luke emerges as a likely (though, importantly, not the only) candidate. If, as some now think, the name of Luke was attached to the document shortly after its publication to distinguish it from other Christian Gospels, already known to the general Christian public, then this very early attribution might account for the uniformity of the identification. Many modern interpreters today are agnostic about, or at least less interested in, the issue of authorship, perhaps because of the view that Luke and Acts can be adequately interpreted, despite our limited knowledge about their author.

By the early fifteenth century, the church had become the center of a major cult of the Annunciation and received donations of precious silver. The chest was wooden, and the two movable shutters containing forty small scenes were to be painted by Fra Angelico and his assistants. Thirty‐two of these scenes have survived on three large panels containing nine, twelve, and eleven scenes. The Ascension is part of the panel (123 × 160 cm) containing Scenes from the Life of Christ. The scenes on this panel are Christ Carrying the Cross, Derobing of Christ, Crucifixion, Deposition, Descent into Limbo, Women at the Tomb, Ascension, Pentecost, Last Judgment, Coronation of the Virgin, and “Lex Amoris” (the “law of Love”).

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