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By Mohammed Muzibur Rahman and Abdullah Mohamed Asiri

ISBN-10: 9535127748

ISBN-13: 9789535127741

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Influence of evaporation rate on cracks’ formation of a drying drop of whole blood. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 2013;432:139-146. 044. [50] Bou-Zeid W, Brutin D. Influence of relative humidity on spreading, pattern formation and adhesion of a drying drop of whole blood. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 2013;430:1-7. 019. [51] Sobac B, Brutin D. Desiccation of a sessile drop of blood: cracks, folds formation and delamination.

Eur Polym J 2015;66:149–159. [42] Jiao T, Wang Y, Gao FQ, Zhou J, Gao FM. Photoresponsive organogel and organized nanostructures of cholesterol imide derivatives with azobenzene substituent groups. Prog Nat Sci: Mater Int 2012;22(1):64–70. [43] Jiao T, Gao FQ, Wang Y, Zhou J, Gao FM, Luo X. Supramolecular gel and nanostructures of bolaform and trigonal cholesteryl derivatives with different aromatic spacers. Curr Nanosci 2012;8(1):111–116. [44] Jiao TF, Gao FQ, Shen XH, Zhang QR, Zhang XF, Zhou JX, Gao FM.

Future research on preparation of LB films and supramolecular gels will depend on the novel applications and special nanostructures in order to produce novel functional nanomaterials and devices. Keywords: LB film, supramolecular gel, self-assembly, nanomaterials, nanostructures, properties 1. Introduction The recent progress in functionalized LB films and supramolecular gels is varied and occupies various fields. It is well known that the self-assembly techniques demonstrate important and crucial role to prepare various functionalized nanostructures and nanomaterials with the preferred properties.

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