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Our commence Exploring™ introductory texts, awarded in coloring-book shape, are loved through adults in addition to kids. they supply incredible introductions to complicated matters in an easy obtainable approach.

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Even today, without carnivores, the world would be overrun by herbivores! Page 21 Page 22 The First Dinosaurs As far as we know, Eoraptor, "the dawn thief," was the earliest and most primitive theropodand the oldest dinosaur. 5 to 17 feet long It was a small meat-eater, but a clever hunter forced by its size to prey mainly upon small animals. In bold moments, it may have snatched up the young of larger animalsbut Eoraptor had to be careful. The main meat-eaters of its day were narrow-nosed reptiles called phytosaurs, some of which grew to more than 19 feet long, six times longer than Eoraptor.

On the outside, Scutellosaurus resembled its larger relative Scelidosaurus. Both dinosaurs boasted rows of small bony plates and scutes along the neck, back, and tail. But Scelidosaurus was more heavily armored than Scutellosaurus although the latter had another advantage. Being smaller and lighter, Scuttelosaurus could get up on its hind legs and run away quickly from a dangerous situation. The bigger, heavier Scelidosaurus had a much more difficult time escaping on all fours. Page 73 Page 74 Roofed Lizards The "roofed lizards," or Stegosauria, are easily identified by the two rows of plates and spikes that adorned their necks, backs, and tails.

Most had flat cheek teeth at the sides and back of their mouths for chewing vegetation, and their pouchlike cheeks held food in their mouths as they chewed. Ornithischians also had bigger stomachs than saurischians. These features allowed them to better chew plants and to keep them in their stomachs longer for improved digestion. Page 69 Page 70 There was a lot of variety among ornithischians, more so than among the lizard-hipped dinosaurs. Some ornithischians sported flashy head crests, horns, or other ornamentation.

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