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By Silvia Anne Sheafer

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A sequence that examines the lives of people that have had an incredible influence at the heritage or present perform of faith. This quantity follows the lifetime of Aimee Semple McPherson, famed for her tent revivals in the United States.

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But each had four faces, and each of them had four wings. Their legs were like the sole of a calf’s foot, and they sparkled like burnished bronze”(Ezekiel 1:4 – 8). Beneath each wing were human hands. The four beings were joined wing to wing, and flew straight forward without turning. Each had the face of a man in front, with a lion’s face on the right side of the head, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle on the back. The symbolism imparted the idea that wherever the spirit went, it would move straight ahead without turning.

Many of those who came were Pentecostals; others had read her extensive newspaper advertisements and were simply curious. People came not only to be cleansed in body and spirit, but some also came to be healed. Sister Aimee understood her audience and always insisted upon a ministry for the soul first, then for the body. Even so, healings were a mainstay. After the meetings, a special room was set aside for those wishing to tarry for baptism. Sister Aimee encouraged everyone to be anointed with the Holy Spirit.

Attendants carried similar tin buckets. Sister Aimee then noted that the sound of coins dropping in the buckets hurt her ears. The crowd roared with goodnatured laughter and the coins were replaced with dollar bills. With huge, successful revivals, Aimee Semple McPherson traveled as far as Australia. She raised money from donations, from the growing subscription list of The Bridal Call, and from newspaper coverage. Everywhere she went, editors and reporters 51 52 AIMEE SEMPLE MCPHERSON asked for interviews, which she gladly gave.

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