John C. Fredriksen's American Military Leaders: From Colonial Times to the PDF

By John C. Fredriksen

ISBN-10: 1576070018

ISBN-13: 9781576070017

American army Leaders comprises over four hundred A-Z biographies of people equivalent to Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, who ended 1000s of years of culture by way of permitting ladies to serve on military ships; and, Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, whose ideas of clandestine war are nonetheless via the U.S. distinct Forces.Coverage facilities at the striking generals, sergeants, fighter aces, militiamen, theorists, medical professionals, and nurses who make up America's army heritage. This quantity offers their backgrounds, contributions, and value to America's fortunes in struggle. This identify additionally cites works for additional examine, features a checklist of leaders prepared by means of their army titles, and a complete index.

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