Dusty Prairie – Hemp Lotion

Our Recipe

Our recipes are ancient Middle Eastern and Mexican/Indian. What is different about our products is that we use herbs ( essential oils) to increase the bodies ability to absorb the CBD,  the herbs are used to help with the bodies responses to injuries and chronic pain.

Dusty Prairie CBD

Hemp Body Butter – Relieve

Our exclusive, proprietary body butter provides exceptional comfort and restores relief to areas where applied, its extra thick texture provides effective rejuvenation and relaxation whether used all over or on problem patches.

Hemp Cooling Massage Oil

With our massage oil, we focused on providing ultimate relief. With that in mind, we made the most relaxing and stress relieving formula possible, adding a natural cooling factor, we are able to provide extra relief on top of our already relaxing naturally grown CBD. Recommended for all-over use.

Our Products

Organically Grown Hemp

Working directly with our hemp farmers our CBD is derived directly from our farm’s ensuring no use to preservatives or solvents

Natural Pain Relief

Dusty Prairie combines CBD with natural ingredients from mother earth to create a lotion that can provide isolated relief.

Ultimate Relaxation

Our lotions combine natural oils and our Natural Extraction Method CBD to take away the day’s stresses.

Easy Application

These lotions are very easy to apply, simply grab a dab of our lotion and apply it to the parts of the body in which you want relaxation and relief.


Concentrated Relief

Consuming CBD through botanicals allows you to chose directly where CBD may begin to act on your body. The skin is the body’s largest organ, recent research has shown that Cannabinoid receptors are actually found on cells throughout the skin.

Colorado Grown and Produced

All our products are made in-house, we are a local Colorado company that believes great products come from great people.


Pretty Sweet Right?

Have any Questions?

If you have any question about our products or would like to find out more bout us please don’t hesitate to contact us.